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CSI: Miami - Caine's Revenge

One of the most successful spin-off series in the history of television, CSI: Miami returns for a fifth series this fall. The show, reported by Reuters this year as the most watched television show in the world, returns this season with the continuation of an explosive story line that threatens to destroy Lieutenant Horatio Caine - and has already cost the life of someone close to him.

If you've fallen behind in the fourth season of CSI: Miami, here's a short primer to bring you up to date with the world of Horatio Caine and his crack team of crime scene investigators.

424: Rampage

After marrying CSI Delko's cancer stricken sister, Marisol, things are going swimmingly for Lieutenant Horatio Caine. While she may have little time left, the couple are enjoying the time they have together to the fullest. That is, until Horatio gets caught up in the criminal trial of a leader of the sinister crime gang Mala Noche.

When gang leader Raphael Sifuentes escapes from his trial Lt. Caine shoots his accomplice Jose Truillo dead, incurring the wrath of the Mala Noche. In retribution for the killing the gang put out a hit on Caine's new wife, Marisol. Both she and Delko are shot by a sniper from a high-rise building. While Delko's wound is not life threatening, Marisol is seriously injured.

While being rushed to hospital, Marisol's ambulance is ambushed by members of Mala Noche driving a black Lincoln. Caine leaps from the ambulance, firing on the car and taking out two hitmen while the driver, Memmo Fierro, escapes on foot. Meanwhile, Marisol's condition worsens due to the delay in receiving treatment, and she later passes away in hospital.

Caine and Delko succeed in tracking Marisol's shooter, Memmo Fierro, to the hotel at which he's staying. They drive him to an isolated spot in the Everglades, and Caine holds a gun to his head. Paralyzed with fear, Mierro reveals that it was Mala Noche member Antonio Riaz who ordered the hit on Marisol.

425: One of Our Own

The season finale begins with the continuation of the search for Antonio Riaz, the Mala Noche gang member who ordered the killing of Marisol Delko. The CSIs are called to a murder scene at which 5 members of Mala Noche were gunned down, and it seems that the scene was Riaz' safe house. While clearing the scene, police officer Aaron Jessop triggers a booby trap - a grenade hidden in a barbecue - and is killed. It appears that Riaz wished to leave a surprise for Lt. Caine.

The weapon used to kill the gang members, an AK47, is tracked to Rafik Ohmad, a weapons trader who did business with Mala Noche. Video evidence of a trade between Ohmad and Riaz reveals the real reason Marisol Delko was executed - she was a witness to the deal, and was killed to ensure her silence.

The CSIs also track down a phone number for Antonio Riaz, and while speaking to him he admits the real reason for the hit. He also boasts that there will soon be a "fireball over Miami" - leading Caine to surmise that Riaz purchased a surface-to-air weapon from Ohmad, and intends to destroy a commercial airliner.

Meanwhile, an FBI investigation into the CSI unit stifles the team's work. It seems that $12,000 cash went missing from evidence, and the feds were called in to investigate. It emerges that Delko's off-and-on love interest, Natalia Boa Vista, was an FBI mole sent to discredit the Miami Dade Police Department, but she insists that she didn't report the missing evidence. CSI Ryan Wolfe re-investigates the evidence and proves that the cash was stolen by someone outside of the department. In fact, the money was stolen by State Attorney Monica West in an attempt to discredit the department for her own political gain. Her fiancé, Treasury Agent Peter Elliot, draws a confession from West that leads to her arrest.

With time running out, Antonio Riaz is spotted by a police helicopter setting up a shot on an industrial estate near Miami Airport. Arriving at the scene just in time, Caine takes out Riaz with two shots to the leg as he pulls the trigger on the anti-aircraft weapon. Resisting the temptation to kill him, Caine fires a shot close to Riaz' head to scare him into submission.

The series concludes with the shocking news that Riaz cut a deal with the FBI, agreeing to inform on an Afghan terrorist sleeper cell operated by Rafik Ohmad in exchange for his extradition to Brazil, where he will most likely go free. On hearing the news, Horatio tells Delko to pack his bags: they are going to follow him...

What's Next?

We can expect an exciting start to the fifth season of CSI:Miami. On arriving in Rio de Janeiro Caine meets with his sister-in-law Yelina, who fled there with her husband Ray and their son, Ray Jr, in the final episode of the third season. However, all is not well. Raymond has gone missing, and Ray Jr, now 14, has been forced to infiltrate the Rio underworld in order to track him down. Little does he know that it may already be too late...

So, how will this story arc conclude? Who knows? CBS are keeping tight-lipped on new developments in the fifth season of CSI: Miami. The only way to find out, then, will be to tune in...

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A Fundamental Dog Training Concept You Must Understand For S
I moved into a new house about 14 days ago.

The funny thing about this house is that--when you walk into the master bathroom, the light switch is on the left side, opposite of where the sink is.

Well, practically every other house I've ever lived in has always had the light switch on the right side--or at least on the same side as the sink.

And I'll be a monkey's uncle if EVERY SINGLE TIME I've walked into that bathroom, my hand doesn't instinctively reach to the right to turn the light switch on. Even after 14 days, my prior conditioning has been so engrained that when I consciously try to remember which side the light switch is on… my hand still shoot out to the right, instead of the left.

This is the exact same type of conditioning we aim for when training our dogs. And this is why I advise that--- even after your dog understands a command--you continue to say, "come" and then give a tug on the line… up to a year after the initial training session.

I want your dog to be so conditioned to respond to commands that it becomes an automatic response--just like turning to the right instead of the left, to turn on the bathroom light.

As I've already touched on this concept a few years ago in my book, which you can read more about at … I just had to share this experience with you, because it was so comical to the extent to which we animals (yes, we're animals too!) can develop conditioned responses.

Just like our dogs.

About the Author

Adam G. Katz is the author of the book, "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer: An Insider's Guide To The Most Jealously Guarded Dog Training Secrets In History." Get a free copy of his report "Games To Play With Your Dog" when you sign up for his free weekly dog training tips e-zine at:

Advertising Divas and Consumer Queens
In the past, the saying has always been “don’t underestimate the power of branding” but now the best advice seems to be “don’t underestimate the power of women!” Ignore it at your peril.

If statistics out of the US are any guide for the rest of the world to follow, and in the past this has been the case, then everyone in the advertising industry should give their serious attention to this fact. Jupiter Research has concluded that women influence 83 percent of all purchase decisions. There are more women online today than men.

And looking forward, 70 percent of all US women will be online in 2006, and looking even further ahead, 85 million women will purchase products and services online by 2010.

These statistics are huge by anyone’s measurements. Does anyone out there still have doubts as to the potential of ecommerce? Or more importantly, guys, how do your doubts hold up as to the influence of women on the internet?

US women over 40 are devoting more time online per week than running errands, eating or preparing meals, relaxing, or spending time with friends. Their internet time outweighs watching TV, listening to the radio and other media activities.

So what does this really tell us?

Fact #1 Advertisers in both traditional and new media, have up until now, been seriously underestimating women power
Fact #2 Women are the dominant gender when it comes to online spending
Fact #3 Women know women better than men know women (I’m sure most husbands would agree.)

Who better to understand the consumer behavior of women than women themselves? This last fact should lend itself to a rush to employ or promote females into the positions of advertising executives and creative directors. Now guys, don’t get us gals wrong, sensitive men can still create great ads for women and vice versa, but if the above statistics can be believed, then surely you should be eagerly encouraging the women in your industry to play a greater role in both decision making and creativity.

This makes such common sense to me, nothing biased about it.

Penny Archer, herself a “Consumer Queen”, is a Director of SmartDames FZ LLC, an international email List Broker based in Dubai Media City, Dubai. Other articles that she has written can be found at or

Unique Content Is Your Key To Success!
As you search around this article site looking for articles to add to your website, consider this: there are probably 10 people like yourself doing the same exact thing. Not only are they doing the same exact thing, but they are probably looking at, and taking the same articles you are considering to add to their site.

Wow. That’s going to do wonders for your hopes to have search engines pick up these new articles and rank your site high in the search engine result pages (S.E.R.P’s). Forgive my brevity, but I was being sarcastic!

Shared articles may be good for putting together quick sites and heavily promoting the same article content that everyone else is promoting, but who are we kidding? Wouldn’t you rather have fresh content NOT picked over by everyone else? Of course you would. Now why should you pay for it when you’re staring at a free article site filled with 100’s of articles that you can use at this exact moment?

Because you CAN buy originality and have original content rank higher than the same old retread articles found over and over again on sites like this! Not only would you have a unique page indexed on the internet and crawled by search engines (sometimes daily), but if you had the right content service at your beck and call, you could be provided with professionally written content reserved for trade publications and offline magazines! There are 1000’s of professional writers out there on the Internet which are willing and able to write your next piece of web content.

Ok, so to go over the key points:
• Copied articles used over and over again- not so good since the search engines may pick up someone else’s copy of the same exact article. Cost effective since it’s free! You get what you pay for.
• Fresh, unique articles- very good usage since it gives the search engines something new to eat up! You get what you pay for.
• Do your research. Find a writer who is professional and understands your subject!

If you are wondering what the real world power of unique, keyword optimized website articles can do for you to drive traffic, just shoot me an email at and ask me how well this article did for me.

Profiting With Affiliate Programs
One of the main reasons more people are not making money on the Internet is that they don't have a product or service they can market. Most people find it too difficult to develop a product, promote it with a website, and create a marketing plan to get it front of the right people. Most do not have the knowledge or expertise to even get started and are frustrated before they even begin. Does this sound like you? It was for me until I discovered affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs work like a joint venture where you partner with someone who has already developed a product, created a marketing plan and are promoting it with a website. Most affiliate programs will provide you with a product you can market, free website promotion tools, and free training to show you how to promote the program. You drive traffic to the website and they will process and fill the order, handle customer service, collect payments and handle returns. You keep as much as 50% of the profits for your efforts. It's a great way to start earning money right away!

Where can you find a good affiliate program? You will find thousands of opportunities using an internet search under "affiliate programs". Many of the websites you are visiting now may already have an excellent affiliate program established. You can join it and make money in an area that you enjoy or already have expertise in. The best site I have found for affiliate programs is This site lists hundreds of successful affiliate programs people are using to make money with today.

Now I am going to let you in on a secret that can explode your affiliate marketing profits. Capture the email addresses of those interested in the affiliate program you are trying to promote. Why? You will develop your own opt in mailing list that you can send repeated emails to capture additional sales. You can also market other products and services to this list once it is developed. You will create an asset that can be used over and over again, multiplying your online income!

Promoting affiliate programs is an excellent way to start earning money on-line right away. It is also a great way to break into new markets. If you already have a large email list to market to, you can send out an endorsement email and generate sales within minutes. The possibilities are endless. Check out affiliate programs today!

To your success!
Steve Scoresby

For more FREE information on marketing affiliate programs, developing your own products, and setting up your own website check out

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Using XP icons to enhance software usability
The use of icons in software application development is indisputable. But it is also a matter of fact that not many software developers give much importance to the icons that they make use of, little realizing the potential that icons exhibit in marketing their software.

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How do you decide on a PDA model when there are so many options available? There are several steps that can be taken to ease the process of PDA selection. When you are juggling a Tungsten, Sony, PocketPC, Clie and Zire, the features of each Palm Pilot and reviews of each product should be considerations, as well as the various other products and other accessories available.